It’s been a full sixteen days since the New Year and although I am still here, editing away behind the computer in the short days of January, I wanted to take some time today to share with you some of my favourite images of 2018.
What. A. Task.

I have tried in vain with all of my might to steer away from the details, the shots of a leaf catching the light, water drops on a windowsill or a bird flying into the sunset which – all of the things my sister might roll her eyes at – to piece together a mere 100 images for your perusal. In reality, there are probably 1000 images that I could share with you.

As ever, I’ll leave the photographs to do the talking but I’d like to touch on the fact that no matter how long I have been working in this industry, I will always be so filled with gratitude and awe to anyone who believes in my work and books in with me for their photography. Some of whom have done for six whole years now. The seventh year looks inviting and I’ve made sure that I’m ready for it.