Now 30, I've shot 150+ weddings. Some of those lovely weddings have taken me to places such as Australia, Cyprus, France, Italy and Ireland. I've been featured on highly acclaimed wedding blogs such as Love My Dress, Rock My Wedding, Rock ‘N’ Roll Bride and Wonderful Whimsical Weddings.

It is imperative to me that you don't look at a photographer’s website and think that you 'don't look like that'. To put it simply - do the photographs make your heart sing? If they do, then please do get in touch.

Ultimately, photography is about feeling and I want to work with you to craft the kind of imagery that you are inspired by and that will move you in weeks, months and the years ahead.

Whether it's your wedding, your gorgeous family, or the business you've crafted with your bare hands that you are unbelievably proud of, I will always endeavour to photograph the beauty, grace and individuality of you.



ONE was a portrait series focusing on lone-parent families. I suppose that as a single mother myself at the time, I was defiant and compelled to shatter the connotations of young single mothers. I was working as a PA at the time as well as in the beginning stages of my photography career, yet I was constantly met with, 'So where is the father?' from strangers and this confused me. I constantly wondered why, when all I was doing was picking up supplies for dinner, someone would compliment my son and then look at me and ask where his father was.

For me, the hardest thing about raising Elliot alone was not being able to share the wonderful things he did every single day. How he learned to read using the road names on our walks, how brave he was, his expressions, his silly jokes and the love he offered so freely. I wished the whole world could bask in the joy he brought to me. So I embarked on the ONE project where I would voluntarily photograph single parent families - not the same as me, for each of us had our own stories - but who deserved to be celebrated simply for their own beautiful family dynamic. I shot bereaved spouses, older single fathers, younger single mothers and it was so very special.

If I were to do this series again, I would consider shooting the grandparents too, or anyone else who chips in and supports their loved ones, who are simply trying to do their best to raise their children without judgment.

Women At Dawn


Women at Dawn is a portrait series shot here in St Leonards On Sea.

As a wedding photographer, I often take portraits of brides - women who feel the absolute best version of themselves. When I have that initial call with a woman about having her photograph taken, they will say ninety-nine percent of the time that they are not photogenic.

I wonder where this comes from. Who tells us that we aren't photogenic? In a world of filters and social media, I wanted to explore the character of a woman at the most delicate time of the day, just as the sun rises. It's at this time that women can be true to themselves with only the light of the early sun. With the simple backdrop of the sky and the sea I wanted to ask women who they really are and see how that translates into their portrait.



In September of 2018, I had decided that I really wanted to give something back using my skillset as a Photographer. I put my head together with super event organiser extraordinaire; Emily Lau (whom I met via photographing her wedding!) and we came up with a plan of organising ten minute shooting slots where tickets would be booked via a donation basis.

The first thing I needed to do was choose a charity and it made sense to me to donate to a charity that supports families and children. After having a little think about the charities close to home I remembered the Fellowship of St Nicholas based in the heart of St Leonards.
FSN aims to provide effective and professional caring action without discrimination and favour for children and young people suffering the effects of poverty, disadvantage, neglect and abuse. I knew instinctively that this would be the perfect charity to donate to at this time.

Using Eventbrite and Social Media I prompted the audience to check in at a certain time where I would auction the tickets. The client selected the time slot they would like and then paid for the shoot direct to Eventbrite. This way there is no middleman and the donations went straight to the charity. The minimum donation was £10, however some donations were £15, some were £25 and some were even £50! All for a ten minute session of photographs. In fact, all of the sessions sold out in an hour and so I added on an extra hour of slots!

All in all, thirty individuals or families were a part of the session and we all raised over £500 for the charity. Thats pretty cool, isn't it?

I hope this inspires others to use their skillset to donate now and then.

Check out FSNs website for more info:


St Leonards On Sea
East Sussex


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