4 / 12 The old saying goes that sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees and until I started photography I was blind to what was around me. Of course, I knew that Sussex was a beautiful part of the country but until I had walked up and over the East Hill at dawn, or shot on the Bexhill beach at low tide at sunset or on the old battle ground of Battle at dusk it hadn’t dawned on me that what we seek to shoot – those beautiful wide angled, evocative places you see on instagram – are right here with us. England is steeped in a long history, so when you tune into that energy and you find the right light, you dare to shoot in the rain or in the midday sun, you can create something timeless with what you have right on your doorstep. This months’ post features Hastings, Battle, Brede, Eastbourne and Hove. It’s Sussex in April and its gorgeous. April | shoots
Dave & Charis, Alexandra Park
Dan & Maddie, Hastings
Danielle & Stuart, Battle
Romy & Nik, Tunbridge Wells
Simon & Anna, Eastbourne
Sophie & Jack, Brede Great Woods.
Grace & Tom, Battle Abbey.
Lily modeling dresses by Tara Deighton Bridal & Bespoke. Make Up by Natasha Valerie Make Up
James & Katherine, Hove
April | creative restrictions Something that often weaves into my writing in these posts is the balancing act of motherhood vs. creative.  Weddings and shoots are booked in all throughout the year so I can throw all of my creative energy towards these shoots but when I’m not at work, I really have to try hard not to be at work! When I’m driving past the rapeseed so bright and yellow or the sea is out at low tide I wince a little bit every time my camera isn’t nearby, ready to take a quick shot. This year I have promised to be more present at home so constantly reaching for the camera is just not okay. What I do instead is talk about it and maybe Elliot will one day see these things and think of us talking about them when he was young.  Raising my boy or out shooting… I know its a pretty win-win situation.   Inspired | turning thirty

what is now will soon be past

Just because you do it

doesn’t mean you always will.

Whether you’re dancing dust

or breathing light

you’re never exactly the same,


You will come away bruised. You will come away bruised but this will give you poetry.” This book has been on my wishlist for such a long time that it makes me so incredibly happy to to have been gifted this for such a special occasion by my sister, Frankie. Yrsa’s work is a breath of fresh air. It is tough, feminine, romantic, stark and reading it challenges you.   I am much better, evidently at looking around and pulling emotion from a visual stimuli and I don’t often find that books hold my attention for long. When I do read though, I search for words where the prose falls together and sparks up a little flame in my belly. I’m so proud to own this one. My lovely friend Emma also gifted me Wild Embers by Nikita Gill. She bookmarked the poems she thought I would like the most which is heartwarming. A truly thoughtful gift. And on one last gift to touch on is the gift from my friend, Julie. It’s an unpainted tile that she decorated with the words “all shall we be well“. It is from Julian of Norwich, a Christian philosopher born in 1342.  Beautiful, timeless gifts from women made by women with meaning. A special birthday gift. Hastings own Bee Potions’ BEE PURE FACE & BODY BALM. Argh, I love this stuff! Five ingredients make the perfect night cream and to top it off Katherine has the most incredible work ethic. What do you think of the yellow paint in the background? We are testing it out for the bedroom. It’s bright and then some. Inspired | music Baz Lurnham – Sunscreen This is such a great remix. I remember hearing it in the back of the car when I must have been around eleven. I have just looked into the background of the song I wasn’t aware that a female journalist, Mary Schmich had written it when she was forty three aimed at 18-24 year olds. When asked if she took her own advice she replied: I do, although the world has changed. I look at it sometimes and it seems a little dated. “Throw away your old bank statements”? Nobody has bank statements anymore! Nobody even has love letters anymore! Keep your love emails.” S Carey – Brassy Sun. I listen to Keaton Henson and it feels like winter but then I hear S Careys’ music and he always feels like spring.   May | looking ahead May is without doubt the calm before the storm. With two weddings and five engagement shoots it will end with a short week off for Half Term. Looking towards June I have twenty consecutive weddings through to mid September where the run of weddings concludes in France. Enchanté wedding season. It’s happening!

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