What is a Boudoir session?
A Boudoir session consists of you having your photograph taken in lingerie. With the use of beautiful, natural light I would work with you to ensure that we find the right poses and light so that you look and feel amazing.

Why would I have a Boudoir session?
You might simply feel incredibly confident and would like to have some photographs to show off your bad self.
You might not feel so confident about your body but through working together with your photographer throughout the shoot to find your curves in all the right light, you will walk away from the shoot with a new found confidence – which is priceless. Every woman deserves to feel confident within her own body and this may just be the thing you need for a self esteem boost and empower you.
If you’re stuck on gift ideas for your partner, a Boudoir session could show you off to them in a way that they haven’t seen before – or expected.

Where do they take place?
The Pilgrims Rest in Battle is an incredibly beautiful Elizabethan property that has two private dressing rooms with fires. You can choose which one you prefer for your session and we would spend the time shooting there.

How long does the session last?
The sessions last for 1hour and 30minutes. We would spend the first half an hour discussing your likes, dislikes, your style and how the shoot would unfold. We would then spend an hour taking your beautiful photographs.

How much is a Boudoir session?
The Boudoir sessions cost £195.

When do I pay?
You pay upon booking prior to the photoshoot.

Can I speak through my ideas with you?
Yes!  We all have our own version of whats sexy and sensual, so by using the initial thirty minutes of the session to talk through your ideas, what you would like to wear (or not wear), or things you absolutely love (or want to avoid) we can make sure we are on the right page and that you feel inspired before we even begin!

Who will be in the room during the shoot?
Due to the intimate nature of the photoshoot it would be you, me and the camera in the dressing room. You would have complete privacy throughout the shoot.

Will it be warm in the dressing room?
Yes, there will be fires in the room keeping it lovely and toasty for you.

I’m too nervous! How do I feel more confident on the lead up to the session?
You are welcome to give me a call and I would hope to alleviate any initial nerves for you. This is the time to indulge yourself and to feel absolutely incredible. Tell your friends about it, book in your favourite massage, wear your favourite clothes and hold in mind that the shoot will really empower you and most of all – it will be fun!

Do you recommend that I have hair and make up done professionally?
Because of the fine art and classical elements to my photography, I wholeheartedly believe that you don’t necessarily need to have your hair and make up done professionally to look your best for the shoot. However, if you feel that you would like to really treat yourself then go for it! It can give you the extra boost of confidence that you are looking for. You will find recommendations further down the page.

What is the final result?
Once the shoot is over, I’ll professionally edit your photographs and send you a link for digital download.

Will my images be shared?
By default the photographs won’t be shared, as these photographs are very personal to you. If you are happy for me to share them on my website and social media then I would love the chance to – just let me know!

I’ve decided that I don’t want to do the Boudoir session, even though I have booked – can I have a refund?
There is a non-refundable booking fee of £50, however if you choose not to take part in the shoot then you will be refunded the remaining fee.

I absolutely want to book a Boudoir session – how do I do it?
You’ll find the contact form at the boom of this page. I’m so looking forward to hearing from you!


Recommended local suppliers:

Lingerie: Tara Deighton / Hair & Make Up: Grace Benson / Penny William / Make Up: Natasha Valerie