“My practice is connected to the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi, influenced by a strong sense of transience and imperfection.

This collection of jewellery, vessels and objects seeks to capture the calm to be found in the acceptance of change as well as the sense of elation and loss which can accompany any period of growth.

Reflecting on my own memories as a mother I have found that as my son has grown and become more independent, my work has started to acknowledge the passing of this stage of my life.”

“By subverting traditional processes and notions regarding material properties I am to challenge preconceptions, encourage reflection and jolt the sense in equal measure. Cocoon-like vessels symbolising our connection.

Working primarily in silver and glass I enjoy pushing the boundaries of what is considered functional or wearable – often to the point of disintegration. Reflecting the passage of time and acceptance that all things must end.”