Faro & Lauren

There is a quiet confidence with Lauren, this beautiful bride. The no qualms, no fuss, ‘this is my vision’ attitude is so admirable to me when tempered with a real softness and a beauty. It’s this that I instantly think of when I come by this wedding in my archives – basically just how effortlessly chic Lauren is! I often come back to the weddings I have shot in the past. As I expand my portfolio to reflect the experience I have gained over the past three years, there are a few that really spring to my mind and this one is wholeheartedly one of them. Lauren and Faro tied the knot almost two years ago now on a hot July’s day.  Immediately I was in awe of the perfect amount of eccentricity in the decor of the venue (the super cool Bell Inn Ticehurst) the huge sense of community in the DIY crafty bride with the family piecing together the cake, the flower arranging in the morning, the photo bunting to the beautiful table decor…to name but a few. Each and every detail perfectly executed without a fuss. Once they were married by their celebrant, their family danced for them in the front row which was such an infectiously happy sight. Faro wore a bow tie by Mrs Bow Tie and as you can see from the photographs absolutely rocked his speeches. Laughter and tears – this is the perfect speech, no? He has a big heart and I am pretty sure it matches perfectly in there with Lauren’s. Friendship, loyalty, love and happiness – the magic four buzzwords for these two. So lovely. Thank you Lauren and Kuda for a beautiful day. G X     Wedding Venue: The Bell Inn, Ticehurst Hair and Make Up: Penny at Blush Beauty and Hair Photography: Georgina Piper

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