“Hello and welcome to my Instagram lives…” words that are simply terrifying if, like me, you are a true introvert. I am very much a face to face person and enjoy an intuitive kind of communication.  Speaking into your phone camera isn’t something that comes naturally for me but all the while my usual and comfortably familiar work has simply vanished, I may have just found a way to keep connected – possibly more now than ever.

Over these first initial photography live sessions, I will be talking independently to the camera but as the weeks go on I’ll be inviting fellow wedding industry folk to hop-in on the lives so that we can discuss all things wedding and their business. I’ll be speaking with a couple who planned their wedding on a budget, my sister, whose wedding I am due to photograph in September, and clients who I’ve worked with before to discuss their day and how they made it their own.

I was first inspired to do a Live when I was notified on Instagram about one of my favourite bands, Bombay Bicycle Club. They were going to perform some of their songs live in their living room it struck m of how this was such a privilege! To have such an intimate experience with an artist who you would typically see in a big crowd, to have most likely paid for and travelled to see, was really special. Before COVID-19 I probably wouldn’t have even looked twice at the live not for lack of wanting to but because simply put, I would have been far too tired to bother!

In no way am I attempting to say that I’m an inspiration and therefore should impart my knowledge to the uninterested watchers – BUT – despite my reservations, why don’t I make this less about me but more about the wedding industry/my clients and keep up a little bit of morale for all of those lovely couples who have had to postpone their weddings for obvious reasons. And how often do we get to see our suppliers in front of the screen? I am so looking forward to speaking with the clever folk of the industry.

Alongside my Wednesday lives I have started a free Zoom class on a Monday evening for budding photographers. Pro, amateurs, hobbyists. It’s an informal class where the participants can ask me questions about what I do, where I started, my process etc etc. In turn, I try to offer my very best support, ideas and encouragement. Mentoring has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now and again, to have the time to finally implement these lovely classes and give a little something back in this time has been priceless.

The first of these classes has now begun but the next set are due on Monday 1st June. If you’d like to take part please do let me know and I’ll be in touch. Spaces are limited to six participants per class.

Every week, I wanted to discuss either a photographer, artist, story, something that has inspired me. This week I have been inspired by the wonderful Peter Lindbergh. I saw this story pop up on my Facebook news feed and said ‘wow’ out loud.. sometimes a photographer just always gets it right and for me Peter Linbergh is one of those people. He is a fashion photographer known for his black and white portraits but these images are in a beautiful creamy, hazy colour. This story was shot for US vogue and is called ‘Stardust’. Shot in Morocco. I’ll share some of those photographs and outline what I like about each image below:


Incredibly soft and romantic, I’m immediately drawn to how the sunlight hits the models dress reminds me of an oil painting. Then let’s talk about movement, the flow of her dress, the paper map she’s holding.. and the motorbike which, although static, nods to total freedom.
Where do I start? The backlight, the off-centre couple completely in focus by the soft light, their nonchalance and the ambient lighting all around them. It’s an editorial snapshot and I simply love it.

The tough romance to this story is strong. I look at three elements : The motorbike, the soft dresses and the timeless sandy backdrops in a sunset light(fourth element!) I just find them all very beautiful and I am totally swept away in the story.

You can see the full story here and please do take the time to peruse his beautiful portraiture work.

Next week I will be discussing what I’ve booked this week, how a German born, London baker has inspired me. I’ll also be speaking with my sister Charley and her fiancee Simon who are due to get married this September. How have they found their wedding planning? Are they worried that their wedding will be cancelled? At the end of this I’ll be taking a few questions and answers. Wish me luck! 

Warmest wishes,