I first worked with Kate back in 2017 but I didn’t meet her then, I only heard her say that it was her ‘last wedding before maternity leave’ whilst I was photographing some wedding details upstairs at a Brides house. Since then we’ve worked on numerous weddings together, we’ve done a wedding fair together, styled a couple of shoots and Kate and her husband Billy, won a competition to have some photographs taken with me!

Kate is just lovely. Her style is so beautiful as you can see from the galleries below. I admire her dedication to her craft, her keen eye for detail and most importantly her care and consideration when it comes to quality. ” I won’t let a flower go out before it’s been tried and tested, and I always have back up’s just in case”, she said to me.

Those are just some of the few reasons Kate is on my recommended list. I’m looking forward to speaking with her on IG Live this Wednesday at 8PM to hear much more about her process, style, and what Kate looks for in a beautiful flower.

I’ve always loved receiving flowers as a gift, or enjoying their natural beauty around the place – in the family home or in my Nana’s house; but when does that become more than just experiencing the joy, or comfort, that flowers can bring?