Live 5 : Photographer meets… Natasha Valerie Make Up Artist

Working as a professional at any job in any given career it’s always good to know that you’re going to be working with someone not only exceptional, but someone well respected and also.. funny. I have lost count as to how many weddings or styled shoots we have both worked on over the last few years but I do know that at every one of these events, Natasha will say something to lift everyones spirits, or calm down any nerves chatting away whilst making her model look fresh and gorgeous. I would describe Natasha’s style as: contemporary and modern. You only have to see her many, super confident instagram videos and you’ll see down to earth she is and also, importantly, how she does her own make up. I suppose doing make up you really need to show any clients – new and current – that even your everyday make up is on-point. I admire this diligence and I suppose like any craft, this is everyday practice and practice makes perfect.

I am incredibly low-key. It’s easy for me to go days without makeup and when I do try to put something together it’s always a little try-hard and I always come to the same conclusion that my face just doesn’t suit lots of make up. I have learnt that I like the ‘french look’ ( at least thats what I’d like to call it…) which is either foundation or concealer (never both) and bright lips with minimal eyes or a darker eye and an understated lip. So you can imagine my dilemma when I had some photographs taken with my husband. Not only did I have to be in front of the camera, I had to make sure that my make-up  would suit me and not make me feel like I often feel these days: the dreaded ‘mumsy’ look. I knew that Tasha was the one for me and helped me to realise that I didn’t have to look like a clown if I wore make up. This is Golden. 

I suppose, in terms of light and shadow, composing and framing then Natasha and I aren’t too dissimilar. Make Up artistry is a craft in itself and one to be respected. Not only do you need to do your creative work in a very tight schedule, you need to impress your client: a BRIDE! The portrait starts with the sitter, then is enhanced by the MUA which is then in turn captured in time, with the camera. We are both working with the delicacy of a person’s self-esteem and we both want to make sure that we are working together to create beautiful portraits of you feeling your best.

The following gallery shows just some of the shoots and weddings we have worked on together. It is a total joy to work with Natasha – I’ll always recommend her and hope that you can see why too.

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