May Day | A Styled Shoot

The outbreak into beauty which Nature makes at the end of April and beginning of May excites so joyful and admiring a feeling in the human breast, that there is no wonder the event should have at all times been celebrated in some way. The first emotion is a desire to seize some part of that profusion of flower and blossom which spreads around us, to set it up in decorative fashion, pay it a sort of homage, and let the pleasure it excites find expression in dance and song. A mad happiness goes abroad over the earth, that Nature, long dead and cold, lives and smiles again. Doubtless there is mingled with this, too, in bosoms of any reflection, a grateful sense of the Divine goodness, which makes the promise of seasons so stable and so sure.

May Day is a big deal here in Hastings. Inspired by this gorgeous, Pagan celebration we took to the East Hill to shoot Lily and Rob. Lily wears The Georgina Dress designed and crafted by the incredible Tara Deighton. Tara is based here in Hastings – if you are after a dress designed for you then Tara is where you need to go. The most lovely Grace Benson applied Lily’s make up and plaited her incredible hair. The headdress was made by Marcie of Bobo Flowers based in her shop on London Road, St Leonards On Sea. Chloe Rose shot the shoot and was so lovely to work with. !  

A Hastings Styled Shoot from Chloe Rose on Vimeo.


What an amazing photo shoot. Hastings is a special place full of lovely, creative souls and it is magical when we all get together.

Here’s to welcoming Spring.


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