Ursula’s Hoard : Jewellery by Milena Kovanovic : OUTTAKES

  All of the images you see here are outtakes I have chosen from the ‘Ursula’s Hoard‘ Jewellery Campaign by the super talented Milena Kovanovic . The photos shown in the post below are the images selected for Milena’s official look book for the Ursula’s Hoard collection. Some pieces from the collection have already been selected by Stylist Mag for ‘Objects of Desire‘! I wanted to show off these outtakes because despite them not making the official Look book for Ursula’s Hoard, I find the images so beautiful and elegant and in their own way they tell a little story about the collection. By nature, I am a Portratiure photographer – this is my number one strength and so I am therefore naturally inclined to take portraiture photos. This was my first ever jewellery shoot and as you can see from above, the images are mainly focused on the face which was a bit naughty of me considering that was not the brief! The models are Katie and Emma who were so brilliant and beautiful on the day and wore the jewellery so well! From each shoot I do, I learn a little something, from photographing Milena’s jewellery I learnt: FOCUS, how jewellery reflects light, how the difficulty of macro photography is NOT to be underestimated, how morning light is so sublime and also that working with a team is a treat and that I must do it more often! So, although techincally deemed ‘outtakes’ I had to share these – how could they be ignored? The light, the models, the composition, the subjects and the textures are just gorgeous! Shot at Hastings seaside too – pretty perfect. Georgina X  

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