August 17, 2017



It’s the heart of wedding season and I have decided not to blog throughout August but this golden nugget needed to be shared. A little birdy told me about the new social app – Steller. You can make your own little magazine-style books. I really enjoy piecing things together and a little bit of graphic design so I immediately signed up! I’ll be slowly but surely adding little publications to the app and I hope to see yours, too.
I also want to quickly note just how much things have blown up this August. When September arrives I would have shot seven weddings, two pre-weddings, two commercial shoots and also have met with eight couples. This isn’t including emails and edits…Phew! Tell me when I should learn to nap.

On a serious note, it’s been an overwhelming summer but I am so thankful for all of the wonderful people I meet and stories I hear and the love I photograph.

Thank you to you all.

See you on Steller, yeah?

With warm sunny wishes, G X