Simon & Michelle

May 10, 2016

It’s not often that I’ll brave writing alongside my photographs. Sometimes though, it’s important just to touch on the magic of a wedding and this is one of them.

The Engagement

I had hoped as I always do, that this shoot gave Simon and Michelle a lovely night out away from wedding plans and the general to-do’s indoors. Along with the aim of getting acquainted with the camera, Engagements are a lot of fun and I so enjoy getting to know the couple a little more. It’s hard to explain to a couple that although it sounds cheesy – these are some of the most beautiful photographs, alongside your wedding photographs that you can have. So be present in the moment, laugh at how silly you’ll feel, hug one-another, and enjoy the scenery and the fact that soon, you will be husband and wife. How wonderful.

The Wedding

Simon and Michelle had their own personal reasons for wanting to invite just one guest each to their wedding – Simon’s Mother and Michelle’s Father.  Their wedding took place at a wedding venue that’s held some of my favourite weddings: The Old Rectory here in Hastings. Fairly modest in size, The Old Rectory can accomodate for a fair sized party or lends itself perfectly to just a sweet party of four. Just like this one.

Michelle prepared for her day in The Crown Room at their chosen venue opting for the beautiful, highly sought after MUA Grace Benson for her hair and make up. Her dress by Biba was elegant, light and the pleats in the skirt were a timeless touch. Often people think of this time of the day as though there’s a big hustle and bustle when in actual fact, all the preparation up to this point is done. It’s a quiet time.

Michelle’s dad led her to Simon in the garden of The Old Rectory. They said their vows and toasted with Champagne. We walked down All Saints Street to take some photographs by the fishing huts. A real nod to Hastings! Upon returning to their wedding venue, Simon and Michelle had opted for ‘afternoon cheese’ in the garden. You can see in the photos below how beautiful the figs, different cheese’s, breadsticks and grapes are arranged. A really gorgeous detail. It’s at the point that I left them be to enjoy their afternoon until we met again by the fishing huts in St Leonards for a final few portraits in the golden, evening sun.

I feel compelled to voice  just what an honour it was to have the opportunity to take photographs for Simon and Michelle and their family for such a sweet, beautiful and intimate wedding. The dynamic of a wedding such as this is such a wonderful thing.

Cheers to you.