A collection of 22 separate films and/or photographs on thoughts on an individual’s experience with love, particularly looking at the relationship of love with marriage and weddings.

This series will endeavour to offer a wholesome, uplifting and emotional insight into how we view marriage as a society – and what weddings mean to us.  The participants will range from what children view marriage to be, new lovers, childhood sweethearts, registrars, vicars, celebrants, re-married couples, older couples and finally, widows and widowers.

Would twenty-somethings think it’s worth getting married? What could we learn from a widower? Does a six year old know what a veil is? Who’s hope could be enlivened with ‘the one after the one?’ In a world of fast-weddings for those who ‘just want to get married’ and a year of postponed weddings for those waiting to share their wedding days, this project aims to delve a little deeper into what sparks such a life choice and the emotion and sacrifices that come alongside it.


The participants interview will be filmed. The filming will take place in an informal setting ie. the participants home, in a café, or outside at a location of choice. The clips taken from the film are to be used alongside the portraits of the couple. The idea, is for the film to add in movement and enhance the narrative of the photography and words.


There will be a portrait taken of each participant. If the participants only accept photography then a narrative around their experience with love and/or marriage will be created with photographs only.

Interview Questions:

Examples of interview questions would be the following:


  1. Tell us about how you met?
  2. What do you think a wedding is? (for children)
  3. How did you feel on the morning of your wedding?
  4. How long have you been/ were you married for?
  5. Is marriage what you thought it would be?

Industry pariticpants:

  1. Do you think what it means to be married has changed over the years?
  2. What do you love about working in weddings?
  3. What are your most asked questions?
  4. How many weddings have you worked on?
  5. What are you looking forward to?


Key Message: Love and connection

Tone: Emotive and uplifting.


The non-industry participants will have access to digitally download their media. They will also have personal use of their film and photographs.

The industry participants will have access to the digital download their media. They will also have full , commercial use of their films/photographs.


The film and/or photographs will be uploaded to the Photographers social media platforms including: Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Pinterest.

The interviews will be written into transcript for accessibility reasoning and placed alongside the photographs/film on the photographer’s website.


The films/photographs will go live over the course of 2022 at around two per month. The photographer will notify the participant of when their film/photographs will go live.